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After 20 years working across many marketing disciplines including digital pr, market research and communications I started Digital Democracy  the bridge between market research and social media.

Digital Democracy assists companies who want to make the most out of their consumer engagement strategies. We  understand that engaging with consumers is more than just a marketing/pr strategy but an opportunity for the entire business.  We call it Social Media without the Spin. Read my blog post about this subject.


With over 20 years in the marketing, communications and research field I combine experience with my Bachelor of Applied Science (Information) from University of Technology, Sydney.

After working as Digital Director at The Digital Edge in Sydney I recently opened up my own digital consultancy.  Previous to that I was appointed Online Research Manager for Network PR, a digital communications company where I was responsible for developing the methodology behind the digital pr division and devising social media strategies.

I have also held positions such as Research Manager with News Ltd and Research Manager with CARMA International, a qualitative research company.

I have developed  Social Media strategies with lifestyle companies such as Paramount Pictures, Tourabout and Kirrihill Wines and have developed and managed  Online Research Communities for Kelloggs, Sara Lee, Weight Watchers, CBA, Kimberley-Clark and others.


Jenni is a true professional: knows her area; can communicate well about it and is generous with her knowledge in an effort to help others on the journey. Jenni’s presentation about online PR was the standout of our recent offsite. She taught us all, Gen Ys included, more about online marketing in 30 minutes than we’d learned in a year through our own efforts.” March 8, 2009 Carden Calder BlueChip Communications

Jenni’s depth of knowledge of the layers of the digital landscape and how to engage effectively, her detailed and pragmatic approach to research along with a passion for innovation and an ability to identify it early are skills not easily replicated. Professionally Jenni is a highly valuable asset for any team, organisation or client, personally a great person to work alongside with an open direct communication style that I value highly…  October 27, 2008  Carl Jackson Tourabout

How you could use our Services

  • You need to know how to navigate the social media landscape for your business
  • You are investigating the use of online market research and are unsure how to start
  • You are interested in the use of branded online communities and need to know if they will be a good cultural fit for your business
  • You are working for a client who is interested in social media strategies and need some assistance putting together the framework and strategy
  • You are currently running social media strategies but need consumer research to help guide you


You can read more about my previous work on LinkedIn and you can also find me on Twitter where I focus on online pr, social media marketing, market research and knowledge management.



Jenni Beattie


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  1. Reputational Democracy.

    I like it.

    Talk soon


  2. I’m liking it too Jenni, great stuff! 🙂

  3. Jenni Beattie

    thanks guys!

  4. Chris Meredith

    Great site – I like it too!


  5. Jenni Beattie

    Hi Chris
    thanks for stopping by and for your positive comments 🙂

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