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Australian Newspapers and Ad Revenue

In a recently released report by Research and Markets entitled Analyzing the Australian Media & Advertising Industry it found that:

  • The Australian newspaper industry is outperforming its counterparts in the UK and US, with advertising revenues only falling marginally from 2008.newspapppppers
  • In the advertising scenario, there is a global recession, and it is forecasted that Australia will have a soft 2009, after two strong years of performance.
  • According to market researcher Aegis Media, the advertising industry in Australia will increase 1.7% in 2009. However, with a price inflation of 5.2%, spending will actually drop 3.5%.
  • Only the online sector will mark a real growth of 9.7%, but the figure is cut to 5.7% if price inflation is considered.
  •  The convergence of the Internet with television, the growth of wireless communication, and the increasing use of digital video recorders all offer new avenues and challenges for advertisers.
  • Further consolidation across national borders is also expected as ad firms try to deliver global capabilities in an increasingly competitive market.

 About the Author: Jenni Beattie is the Director of Digital Democracy a Sydney based Social Media Consultancy .  Enjoy the article? please subscribe to the RSS Feed


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