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UK Digital Network Launched

In a previous post entitled Social Media Why Its Not All About You I discussed the fact that the application of Social Media technologies to business is far more impactful and beneficial to all areas of a company not just the marketing department. 

This week New Media Age published an article regarding the UK Marketing Society ( the 50-year-old institution of senior and board-level marketers) launching a Digital Network in an attempt to help blue-chip companies develop their digital marketing strategies.

The article said ” The Digital Network has been launched to give senior marketers a forum in which to meet and exchange views and advice on implementing digital marketing strategies bought into at board level”

Simon Waldman, Guardian Media Group digital strategy and development director, said of the initiative, “A huge amount of the commercial health of the internet is going to be driven by the decisions of chief executives at blue-chip companies, influenced by their marketing directors. The digital agenda has to hit all areas of firms’ marketing and business strategies.”

Digital Network chairman Scott Gallacher said, “A lot of the case for digital has been proven but there’s a challenge regarding delivery of results in a blue-chip corporate environment. This initiative is designed to let the digital industry recognise the needs of corporate organisations and help them understand the role digital can play.”

The initiative certainly looks well founded. Will the Australian Marketing Institute follow up with a similar initiative?

About the Author: Jenni Beattie is the Director of Digital Democracy a Sydney based Social Media Consultancy . Enjoy the article? please subscribe to the RSS Feed


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