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Global Online Media Landscape – Part One

The Global Online Media Landscape report by Nielsen has just been released and there are some interesting findings.

Some key takeouts include:webresources-2

  • Online display advertising’s share of revenue has plateued at 20% of total online ad spend in the US
  • Online video has high engagement levels
  • Search continues to be indispensible tool for online with search across social media networks the likely next opportunity
  • Long term prospects for the global online medium continue to be bright.
  • Shopping directories and guides style portals are declining in interest with social media sites such as Facebook graduating into ‘some of the most significant short tail sites’
  • Member communities surpassed email for the first time in Feb 09
  • Twitter is the biggest media story of the year with conversations around Twitter surpased Facebook during March 09
  • Market Research ‘ as we know it will be enriched and redirected’ due to the Social Media phenomenon
  • Mums and in particular new mums are more likely to¬† visit social networking sites and publish their own blog than most other online users.
  • Women 40-50 in the home are the fastest growing demographic on Facebook
  • Social Media will change advertising ‘ marketers will ignore these [social media] communities at their own peril’. The report examines the Motrin advertising and discusses the impact it has. (you can read more here about Motrin from one of my previous guest blog posts).
  • 2009 is the year of the mobile with proliferation of smart phones

In future posts I will be examining the trends and what they mean for the Australian marketplace.

About the Author: Jenni Beattie is the Director of Digital Democracy a Sydney based Social Media Consultancy . Enjoy the article?please subscribe to the RSS Feed


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